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Ethereum Staking A/S

Exposure to Ethereum with ongoing passive income

Ethereum Staking A/S is the best way to gain long-term exposure to Ethereum, the most promising layer-1 blockchain for the web3 revolution. The fund offers a conservatively estimated 4.8% annual return in the form of staking rewards in addition to providing investors with price exposure to Ethereum's crypto asset, ether.

Staking, in brief, involves helping validate transactions, which earns you rewards, meaning that your ether holdings increase every day.

The fund offers passive exposure to ether and staking through an investment structure optimized to minimize legal and counterparty risks. You purchase shares, making it easy to manage in terms of accounting, taxation, and more. Moreover, the fund owns the underlying ether, maintaining full control over the assets, which minimizes third-party risks.

Staking in collaboration with NORTHSTAKE

To stake on Ethereum requires deep technical and operational skills, and to do so in compliance with current and future (MiCA) regulations while meeting institutional investors' risk management requirements, it also demands financial, legal, regulatory, and compliance expertise. That's why the fund partners with NORTHSTAKE as its staking partner.


NORHTSTAKE is a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), registered at the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FTID: 17520) and AMLD5 compliant. Furthermore, the fund collaborates with leading institutional providers of crypto services, ensuring best-in-class security and exposure to the future of web3.


Below, you can find relevant documents for Ethereum Staking A/S:

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