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We invest in crypto

The crypto market is characterized by high entry barriers, high risk, and a complex and comprehensive tax practice. GL21 CAPITAL offers easy and transparent exposure to the crypto market through our funds.


GL21 CAPITAL founded Denmark's first crypto fund in 2021. We have personally invested in the fund, which is why investment decisions are made with a hands-on approach. Today, GL21 CAPITAL manages two funds, with the the second providing direct passive exposure in Ethereum including staking (passive income).

Investing in the crypto market requires insight and experience, which GL21 CAPITAL has accumulated since the company's establishment in 2020. Investing in the crypto market is a high-risk venture, but historically, it has also offered the potential for high returns. Each fund offers investors access to different exposures in the crypto market.

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An easy overview

Your own dashboard

We manage a diversified portfolio but provide you, as an investor, with the opportunity to check the total value of your investment at all times.

Monthly reports

Monthly reports include your key metrics regarding your investment and selected relevant news from the industry. Every quarter, we send out a market update.

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Fill in your information

Fill in the necessary information so that we can prepare the relevant documents for you. Afterward, we will send our investor material and get in touch for the further process.


Pass our KYC verification

GL21 CAPITAL is subject to anti-money laundering legislation. As soon as you have passed our KYC verification, you can invest.

The minimum investment is DKK 750.000 or EUR 110.000.


Make your investment

You make a transfer to us on an agreed-upon date, where we issue shares to you. We take care of converting your investment into crypto and do not charge any fees for this exchange.

Schedule a meeting

Schedule a non-binding meeting with us and learn more about our strategy, market perspective, and how we can assist you in getting started. The meeting can be either in person or via a video call.

Why this market?

The crypto market is still in its early stages and is relatively small compared to its potential size. The world's largest institutions and companies are already investing in crypto, partly due to changes in monetary policies by central banks worldwide in 2020, which resulted in a historic increase in money supply.

This aggressive monetary policy has led to high monetary inflation, and at GL21 CAPITAL, we aim to expose our funds to assets with limited or predictable supplies. This means that our funds are protected against the significant inflation seen in traditional currencies. For example, Bitcoin's limitation is that there will never be more than 21 million bitcoins produced, which is reflected in the "21" in our name.

The crypto market is much more than just bitcoin, and as a result, we have a diversified approach to our funds with four overarching investment theses. Investing with us is a unique opportunity to gain diversified exposure in a market that preserves your wealth in the long term.

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risk profile

The crypto market has an asymmetric risk profile, which means that the potential upside in returns is significantly higher than the potential downside.

Hedge your portfolio

As independent, valuable assets, a small allocation in crypto assets can serve as a good hedge against your overall portfolio allocation.

Diversify your investments

Diversification is important in a good investment strategy. As uncorrelated assets, we offer your wealth a unique diversification strategy.

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