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ManCo solution for asset managers

Do you wish to establish an alternative investment fund registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority?​

GL21 CAPITAL offers Management Company (ManCo) solutions for asset managers looking to leverage our years of expertise in managing complex alternative investment funds.

Registered alternative investment fund manager with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, offering a streamlined go-to-market option.

As a registered alternative investment fund manager, we provide a robust platform, allowing asset managers to focus on what they do best: creating value for their investors.

In-depth knowledge in managing intricate alternative investment funds

  • Extensive network with leading experts in company law, fund law, tax law, and accounting, both in Denmark and internationally.

  • Expertise in setting up funds with various taxation structures, such as tax-exempt, tax-transparent, or taxable and VAT-free funds.

  • Proficiency in navigating taxation rules across different asset classes.

  • Provision of templates for fund establishment, including articles of association, private placement memorandum, and PRIIPs KID.

  • Ability to establish exchange-traded funds based on client interest.

  • Advisory services on fee structures, fund management, and related aspects for asset managers.

Process excellence in fund management

  • Internal handling of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes.

  • Seamless management of daily on- and offboarding of investors.

  • Onboarding services for both Danish and foreign investors.

  • Capability to manage both open-end and closed-end funds.

  • Expertise in customized fee structures and high-water marks for diverse investors within the same fund.

  • Plug-and-play dashboard solution for real-time reporting of net asset value to investors.

Strong brand recognition in Denmark

  • Strong brand recognition, often quoted in major Danish newspapers, providing added credibility to affiliated funds.

Would you like to explore the possibilities of establishing a fund? Press 'Get Started' below and fill out our form for more information.

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