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GL21 I A/S

Diversified exposure in the crypto market

GL21 I A/S' investment strategy is long-term with an investment horizon of 5-10 years. Therefore, 80% is allocated in Bitcoin and the remaining 20% is actively managed in other crypto assets (altcoins). Where possible, staking, liquidity provision, etc., are utilized to put the capital to work, with all returns going to the fund. The fund invests in crypto assets with an asymmetric risk profile, meaning that the potential returns are significantly higher than the potential loss.

The 80/20 allocation is rebalanced quarterly to reduce human bias in decision-making, with allocation being guided by this predetermined ratio. Additionally, there will be a constant 100% exposure in the market, and leverage is not used.

Investment theses

Investments in GL21 I A/S are allocated across four investment theses:

  1. The Money Revolution

  2. The Financial Revolution

  3. The Internet Revolution

  4. The Organizational Revolution.

The fund has an overweight position in the Money Revolution with bitcoin and other assets but is also exposed to the other theses through altcoins.



Below, you can find relevant documents for GL21 I A/S:

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